On Jan. 6, as insurgents occupied the U.S. Capitol, editorial board members across McClatchy markets did something that might have been unusual for editorial boards in another era:

We started writing — urgently, thoughtfully and powerfully.

Within a few hours, we published editorials from California to Missouri to Florida and…

Twice a month we curate the most compelling journalism from the 30 newsrooms across the U.S. that together make McClatchy

We fight for our communities through our accountability journalism, and it is drawing national attention. Miami broke the news that an aide to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had pressured a law firm not to file the Herald’s suit seeking public records on elder-care facilities. The Kansas City Star’s editorials held…

The strength of our journalism has always been our deep connection to our communities, and that is on full display as this health crisis unfolds nationwide.

Sacramento turned tips from multiple sources into a story about how infections had begun to spread through the medical community. Lexington spent Sunday providing…

We are in the middle of the biggest story in the world, and our coverage reflects the dedication and talent of the local reporters and editors on the ground in communities nationwide.

Sacramento went all in, reporting the first case of unknown origin in this new coronavirus epidemic. Tacoma, Olympia…

Urgency. Accountability. Impact. McClatchy newsrooms delivered strong journalism this month that met our mission of essential local journalism that serves our communities.

Visual journalists in Raleigh and Charlotte spread out across NC on an expansive project to uncover what issues are truly important to voters in this swing state.

Mindy Marques on winning the National Press Foundation’s Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor of the Year Award, February 13, 2020

I am humbled and honored to be here today and in such great company.

Congratulations to all of tonight’s honorees.

This is a frightening time to be a journalist.

News organizations…

The Sacramento Bee wrote about the abolition of slavery and continues to cover segregation in local schools. It chronicled the debut of the Model T and keeps readers updated on Tesla, maker of the Model S. We’ve covered some ground over 163 years.

Five generations of McClatchys built parks, high…

This is McClatchy Journalism — extraordinary journalism from the 30 newsrooms that make McClatchy. In this edition:

The (Biloxi) Sun Herald launches the digital video series Color on the Coast. A project that began with community engagement, COTC will tell the stories of people of color living on the Gulf…

This is McClatchy Journalism — extraordinary journalism from the 30 newsrooms that make McClatchy. In this edition:

The Kansas City Star’s investigative team delivered one of the most meaningful journalism packages of the year with Throwaway Kids, a deeply reported series on just how miserably the foster care system prepares…

The Sacramento Bee releases “S.A.C.” a documentary on a city and family forever changed by the police shooting of Stephon Clark

By Alyssa Hodenfield, Video Producer, The Sacramento Bee and McClatchy

Stephon Clark was shot and killed by Sacramento Police Officers in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18, 2018. At the time, the officers said they thought he was pointing a gun at them, but he was actually holding a cell…


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